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Small, medium or big, your business needs to grow. To start and run a business successfully, you need to have sound knowledge about the ever-changing business market. Most importantly, a rapid shift from analogue to digital is taking place, thereby to understand the market, create a suitable website, write quality SEO content, reach out to target audience, market business interests or product and set up a successful conversion; you need a quality marketing planner and we are always there for you.
We are a Google certified partner, specialized in Google ads and PPC management, website design and development, social media management, Google G Suite, lead generation campaign, digital marketing.

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5 Rules every Email Marketing Manager should bookmark :

It is literally undeniable that how important email marketing is ? If we look at ROI which says email is the best performing channel that guarantees much higher retention and conversion than social media. It’s simple that why email marketing has risen to an effective and economical digital marketing tool. But only a strong email marketing manager with the firm knowledge of various business dynamics and expertise to reach out to maximum potential customers, while gathering relevant data, building relations, increasing sales, can lead the company to a coveted position. 

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Subh Ratha Yatra

As we pull the chariot and chant Jai Jagannath, let the auspicious occasion endow you and your family with health, prosperity and happiness.


A picture is worth a thousand words !

A recent survey by market experts has cemented the fact that infographics is one of the most powerful tools to market your business interest or brand. There is no doubt that the visual impact of any marketing strategy works far better and stronger, hence, marketers simply love them, so do the consumers. So far the conversion results by infographics, when properly used, is quite impressive.

To substantiate this we have solid research outcome, 38% marketers say that visual content is an asset for their digital advertising, furthermore, according to Social Science Research Network, 65% population is keen on learning visual content. To turn a boring content into an appealing one, infographic plays a major role. A perfect combo of visual and text content, informative and aesthetically graceful pulls more audience; a picture is worth a thousand words, So True !

Grow with us:

Yoga, Inspiration of LIfe :

Practicing postures, breathing exercises and meditation regularly makes you healthier in body, mind and spirit. Yoga, the ancient form of attaining overall health, lets you tune in, chill out, shape up -- all at the same time.

Self-promotion is synonymous with self-preservation

Self-promotion is synonymous with self-preservation. It has lot to do with your personal attitudes, ethics, and behavioural traits. Confidence is the key, work hard, stay hungry, and be resolute and firm in your conduct. Remember, a confused mind is always deadly, so do your research on the subject of your interest. Speak with your energy, be passionate and enthusiastic, your confident demeanour will certainly be noticed by your clients, peers and bosses. Today social media is an incredible tool to tell your achievements or stories to others. Thus, your personal brand will be more visible. You can also talk about your interests, events and exciting experiences to make the page look livelier and punchier.

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Be a part of Solution, not part of Pollution

Once upon a time, planet earth was so green,
Forests, meadows, hills, rivers and stream,
Where flowers smiled and spread fragrance,
Lush fruits were so tasty, pure nature’s grace.
The rustle of the leaves, serene windy breeze,
Animals grazed on grass, birds built nests in trees.
But now, it’s all rocks, slabs, bricks everywhere,
No green, only smoke, dust, fog fill the air.
Everyday, how mercilessly we thrash her,
In distress our beloved Mother Nature,
So, let’s take a pledge, before it’s too late,
Save the earth, green and nature at its best !!