World Cancer Awareness Day:

You can reduce the cancer risk by one-third by eating a #healthy diet and being physically active. The lifestyle changes will not only help you achieve a healthier living but leave you feeling great and more energetic. Little steps can make big difference to your life. Start making changes TODAY !

Thank You

Though a ‘Thank You’ is never enough ! We are humbly grateful to all our friends, peers and patrons for their unfazed faith, support and affection which simply strengthen our endeavour to provide quality in the field of Innovation and Research.

The New Marketing is People Centric - More Consumer Friendly

Traditional marketing strategies are quite dead now; now every aspect of marketing is more digital-based because of its effectiveness in every possible way. The world today revolves around a mini-handset – mobile phones, and people are frantically looking for anything latest. Hence, companies are more interested to make their campaigns more people friendly which ensure business expansion. But wrong branding or poor research can be fatal for the business. Therefore, it is important for the marketers to study the market carefully and assess the trends to excel in the area. At the same time, listen to the audience to understand what they are actually looking for and then manoeuvre the campaign accordingly. To lessen your hurdles, here is an expert guide how to make your business more consumer-friendly:
Have a Solid Content Reach: First, fix thetarget according to your brand or product. Then create solid content to tell the story in order to capture the attention. At the same time, have a …

WELCOME 2019 !

May the new sun of the New Year brighten your lives with radiance and energy while the new moon of the New Year bring you peace and calm ! Wishing you a Happy, Healthy and Rewarding 2019 !

5 Benefits of Paid Advertising:

Paid advertising plays a crucial role in digital marketing to bring more conversion, increasing the overall profitability. Businesses now invest in paid search advertising, but many still hesitate to invest as they are not sure about the role of paid advertising yet. Well, statistics show us that around 68% consumers pay on paid ads while looking for their desired brands. Many business houses are making quality profits yearly through their paid advertising. Before we start to give you a complete guide why you should opt for paid advertising for the growth and success of your business, to lessen the confusion, there are few nicknames for paid advertising such as CPC (Cost-Per-Click), PPC (Pay-Per-Click) or Google Ads. These ads can appear on display networks such as Blogger, YouTube, Google Maps and also websites. Have a look at the benefits that paid ads can bring to your business:
Paid ads give you fast results: Paid advertising guarantees more conversions utilising your content targe…

Transinfo Solutions: Your One-Stop Business Solution

Transinfo Solutions, established in the year 2000, is one of leading full service Digital Marketing and Social Media Management services company specialisesintoWebsite Hosting, Website Designing, Google Adwords, Google GSuite, PPC Campaigns Management, Digital Marketing, Social Media Management, FacebookAdvertising, Facebook Page Management, Google Cloud Services, Times of India Ad Networkservices in Kolkata, India.
No matter how small, medium or big your business is—it needs to grow. Business market is fluctuating so are the requirements of each brands or product. But every challenge comes with new potential to thrive, learn and grow. At Transinfo Solutions, we set our goal to endeavour continuously to create more accessibility and visibility for businesses based on our solid grasp over digital marketing and social media management skills for almost two decades now. Every brand is different so is its audience; our expert team takes note of each requirement, study minute details of the…