The Modern Marketing Trend: how to move from ‘Good’ to ‘Great’

Being good is not enough:The modern-day marketing is more competitive and edgy. We can already see the huge impact that digital marketing has had over the last decades in terms of smart campaigning, integration of latest technological appliances, educative-informative contents etc. The role of digital marketing in creating a unified customer experience for B2B and B2C is high in response. Hence, with time more brands are opting for online channels for both target audience and customer retention. It’s now more than ever crucial to steal the show. So being good is never enough ! Always stand out: To shine in the crowd, now marketers and brand owners perceive the ‘MINDSET’ - to bring rapid consumer adoption through innovation in search query processing and well-strategized target-based campaigns.  95% of the marketers surveyed, report that skills like the ability to embrace latest changes, critical thinking and collaboration are as important as technical aptitude for long-term impact. The…

How to make a viral video on YouTube

You are putting your efforts constantly but still won’t get expected results.Do you ever wonder where are you lacking?Do you ever analyse that what are those reasons that can help you to reach out millions of views on YouTube?Do you want to get millions of views within a short period of time for your Video Content?As you know that YouTube is the most popular organic platform where millions of your audience are waiting for your type of content.Now YouTube has propelled itself beyond a call to action to “Broadcast Yourself”.YouTube is also the world’s second-largest search engine as per the statistics.Now the question arises “How can you build a house without a blueprint?”How can you make a video viral on YouTube?Let’s discuss how you can make a YouTube video go viral:Make it short & unique:YouTube is world’s second largest video search engine with 2 billion logged in monthly users, but still your video is not getting viral. May be this one can be a reason that somehow your video is…

Top 5 Lead Generation Hacks 2020

If you are an entrepreneur, an agency owner, a freelancer or a working professional, then you must know the importance of quality leads in terms of conversion.Go through your buyer’s journey, you will get to know that lead generation is not the first step you should focus on.First a stranger gets to know about your company through the sources such as website, blog, video, podcast, info graphics, ads etc. Then he starts looking for information as per his search intent and builds a productive communication with the organisation. After that by providing his own personal information, he becomes your organisation’s quality lead or prospect. Then he starts showing his interest or urge to buy or avail your company’s product or service and become your valuable customer. Lastly, on the basis of your organisation’s quality service and commitment towards customers, he becomes your long term repetitive customer or promoter.This is the process through which a stranger becomes your customer.To fulf…

5 Rules to Boost your Business Online amid Corona Virus Pandemic:

There is no doubt that business in many countries is suffering due to the virus pandemic. The economic crisis is a major concern for every business across all sectors. But like they say, problems arise with opportunities; businesses are now thinking new ways of reshaping their strategies to stay afloat. And to thrive, one must take into account the importance of moving their businesses onto digital world; adapting to an Online Business Strategy. #BoostBusinessduringVirusPandemic
Incorporating online digital platforms is a main approach to promote business, especially now when various technologies are being implemented in business sectors to avoid direct human contact. At this point of time, what is most important is to select the right strategies and procedures that will enable businesses to expand their digital presence and bring profit.

Here are 5 strategies to boost your online business effectively.

Select the right channel:
Spend considerable time on researching the multiple online…

5 Standout marketing strategies to attract customers

For the growth of business, having a well-defined marketing strategy is imperative to promote the brand and make your presence felt in the crowd. Therefore, building a steady customer base is crucial as it serves as the lifeline for your business.  A well-balanced stream of strong client base is as important as the virtual ones to grow your business and fulfil your company vision. We have done an inclusive research on customer base and here are 5 -step approach that works best for attracting customers. Identify Your Customers:It’s rather easier to identify the right customers if you know what type of customers you need for your product or services. So first, have the clear idea what type of customers you are targeting. What their daily needs, expectations, lifestyle, future plans are, and how you can help them with your services. Search for the right customers through various media, online, offline, etc. Now according to the demands and needs, plan your marketing strategies and start …

Why Infographics is so Important to Content Marketing:

Infographics, without a doubt, is one of the most used visual contents these days. But why it is so popular! Simply because its tendency to become viral easily and its capability of transforming a standard text content into an easy-to-understand visual content.
This is why most digital marketers and SEO enthusiasts are maximizing their focus on the use of Infographics. The following blog will show you 5 hard-to-ignore reasons why it’s quite effective to opt for Infographics for your digital advertising.
Attracts people’s attention better: About 90 percent of data that goes to our brain are visual. It means we are easily captivated by visual contents than text contents. Also around 40 percent of people respond better to images than plain text. The attention span of today’s consumers is getting shorter, so, people tend to skip long text content and just go through the visual info.
Increase web traffic: Beside, blogging and sound digital campaign, one needs content-rich and well designed Info…