Once again, it’s time to deck up the small wooden ratha with flowers, fresh leaves, decorative items as Lord Jagannath along with his siblings Lord Balaram and Goddess Subhadra comes out of his temple abode. During the grand monsoon festival, Jagannath stays at Gundhicha Temple, a shrine built by a fervent believer. Ratha Yatra is celebrated in parts of India, but the Puri Ratha Yatra celebration stands apart for its mass participation, religious fervor, legends associated with it, leading to massive size and scale. Like all celebrations, Ratha Yatra has major cultural significance; according to religious scriptures, Ratha Yatra is the meditation to bring Krishna back into our hearts. Thus by making our hearts home of God, we get rid of lust, envy, arrogance, greed, anger, jealousy; our mind, body and soul become pure, unblemished. Hence, the purpose of this spiritual journey is to clean our mind to cultivate the character of charity, humility, love, respect, compassion to all beings.…

Advertising Industry in India; What you want to know

In the world of advertising, Asia pacific is the second largest market. According to the latest market expert reports, advertising spending in Asiatic region which reached around 160 billion US dollars in 2015, is about to swell up to 235 billion US dollars by 2020. The vast advertising growth is chiefly driven by China, world’s second largest AD market and India, the fastest growing advertising market in Asia. Advertising market in India is estimated to increase by 2.85 billion US dollars between 2015-2018 which is world’s fifth largest growth in advertising expenditure. Among the fast growing industries are automobile, e-commerce, and consumer goods. But while latching onto the market prospects, one thing advertisers must keep in mind, the promotional ads must be genuine, truthful and factual to get the maximum leads.

Yoga: A Way of Living

Why yoga? The ancient form of attaining physical health, inner peace and spiritual harmony, finds even more relevance at present day. Yoga means the union of mind, soul and body. It’s one single effective way to discipline your entire being, thereby, your health flourishes and mind remains calm. Today, ‘Fast and Furious’ is the new age phenomenon which is engulfing entire planet earth quite mercilessly; deadlines are what dominate our everyday life, fiercely contaminated by modern gadgets and gizmos. From a LKG kiddo to a life veteran, we are all running after something. But in this frantic horrendous race to be at the top, what is left behind, our HEALTH!! We are easily grappled by diseases and infections as our immune system is savagely damaged. Not only our body, our mind is now way more insecure, frustrated and depressed at times. Yoga, the century-old form of exercise, practiced by our sages and sadhus, boosts blood circulations, improves respiratory and vitality, increases muscl…

How to Create User-friendly Digital Marketing Ads:

Ads are relevant only when they interest people. With traditional advertising campaigns, it was difficult to determine the target audience, hence a chunk of money used to go down drains. But digital marketing focuses only on target audience with razor-sharp technical tools, that’s why digital marketing ads are worth an investment. Digital advertising gives ample opportunity to the marketers to be present at the right place, in right time with relevant, catchy, crisp and informative contents. Now it’s rather easier, better and smarter to get on the right ad page in blink of an eye. Here is a guide how to create more unique, prompt, attention-worthy digital marketing ads:
Text Ads: As the name goes, text ads are the most compelling ads to draw people’s attention. With basic knowledge of word limits, keywords matches, research of subject, simple yet catchy language, and good distinctive text content is ready. These are descriptive in nature running on websites, search engines etc.
Banner …

4 Social Media Myths DEBUNKED:

Social media is powerhouse in building communication and marketing; ever since its birth, the whole world has literally shrunk into a small space. With strategic and well-planned manoeuvre; regular update, unique crisp content, engaging communities; social media can work like miracle for businesses, brands, entrepreneurs.
Consistency and well-organized planning is something that brings success. Unrealistic, overly expectations will result in poor outcome. Hence, businesses need to do their research based on concrete data, statistics and expert reports. Over the years, what has been seen is that much of wrong beliefs about social media has caused brands and businesses hefty prize. So, some common myths about the communication marvel need to be exposed:
Social media promotion is independent: This is so wrong!! If you keep your social media marketing separate from the brand strategy, your marketing will lose consistency. The overall marketing will lose the momentum, keep social media conte…

Why without PR, your Content Marketing is INCOMPLETE:

Content marketing is one single most effectively predominant way to grow a brand and engage audience. Orderly systematic content update enriches brand reachability and accessibility; building relation between brand or business and its audience much stronger and better. To reinforce this, latest content marketing research reports that 90% B2B marketers practice content promotion, which indicates it’s worth a budget. But, there are people, who are prospective consumers, take interests in your brand or services, but can’t follow content upgradation in the absence of concrete PR. Since many companies separate their content marketing strategies from PR (Public Relation); which could be rather fatal for the brand as its contents go completely unnoticed.
If still you are not convinced, here are reasons why you must have solid PR to promote contents:
PR and content marketing go hand-in-hand: A good grasp over PR brings your brand to the centre stage. You reach out to new audience, expand brand…


Let’s admit, it affects your health, destroys your relations, damages your social life, and of course wastes your money. The euphoria inhaled with rapturous jubilation is nothing but a SLOW DEATH. With every kiss to the deadly smoke-emitting killer agent, you are drawn to an end, that too, a painful one..!! There is enough data pertaining to its deadly effects, so why not just act on it!! A difficult task, yet possible. There is a first time for everything, Say no to Tobacco, NOW!!