Pro Digital Marketing Advice for Startups

Capital to start a business; check, a brand name for the enterprise; check, target audience to sell the product; check. But what about marketing your business! Not having proper marketing plans to grow and expand your brand in the vicious competitive market is downright savage. Today marketing is the key to entrepreneurial success, hence, plan some concrete PR for your brand visibility and customer retention before it’s too late.
And now what is the most effective and productive way to market your brand, it is digital marketing without doubt. Needless to say that today digital is the most invincible marketing tool around; so, learn how to get most out of digital marketing to get more leads/sales for business. Here are some digital marketing advices in DIY style:

Tell your story straight: Instead of selling a product or brand, tell your story and experiences. Tell the target audience why they should rely on your brand or product, what so different about it, give it a personal touch that will generate more leads. Questions like what inspired you to become an entrepreneur? What drives you? Why didn’t you opt for a secured job? The market is constantly evolving; hence, you should sound different yet original.

Hire a leading digital marketing resource: Now putting right people in places to get the job done. Always go for digital marketing resources with at least 8-10 years experience of working with brands and startups. Also make sure these people have sound knowledge about various marketing aspects as SEO, SEM, email marketing, PR, social media marketing, content marketing etc. As traditional marketing tools are way more expensive that digital marketing, you can invest ROI (return on investment) in other facets of your business.

Work on branding: A brand is the epicenter of your business. Brand grows you grow. Think on your brand identity and personality; flexibility in communication will always develop the brand idea. There has to be a connection between brand stories and its selling. Also build a cordial relationship with people with influential background like journalists, media honchos, corporate leaders, fashion gurus etc.

Target locals: If you have opened a clothing store, you must try to popularize it in locals first. Extend your selling from family members, relatives to locals. Nothing could be more powerful than word-of-mouth marketing. Branding locally may not go down well with many but it works really well, so raise your profile and increase your brand communication.

Content is the king: Just imagine how competitive market gets every now and then, it’s extremely crucial for your brand to stand out in the crowd. To achieve brand supremacy, your contents must be catchy and appealing. Content creation is an extensive field, options are many, from videos to blogs, infographics etc. One has to do a thorough research on contents as they are going to be shared, liked, and commented on.

Invest in premier tools: Always try to invest in things that are best for your business. There are some best tools for lead generation, analytics, project management, SEO etc. Go for these tools to boost your brand and see the results.

The above points will certainly give some direction to your startup marketing aspirations. Follow your business dreams with some logistics and planning.  


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