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The Rise of People-Based-Marketing (PBM):

People-Based-Marketing-the idea that people, not cookies-should be the center of all marketing planning. With the approach to expand customer life time value in a hyper digital world, advertisers are opting for more personal interactions with known individuals. In order to plan for people, marketers need to focus on where people are spending more time, what their needs are, what they are scouting for. So far the results with people based marketing are quite impressive; 75% advertisers describe their first-party target results as expected, 65% advertisers experience higher conversions rates, 65% advertisers report improved click through rates.

Why Choose a Career in Digital Marketing?:

With constantly evolving landscape and new inventions on the technological ground, Digital Marketing is clearly to stay and grow. The Internet penetration in all sectors of the society has opened even the most adamant doors for vast accessibility and reachability. People with their advanced handsets can bring the whole world into their palms within few seconds, literally! Advertising has been going through a drastic paradigm shift from print to digital with more businesses embracing and engaging with digital marketing. Hence, the scope to build a rewarding career in digital marketing is now way higher than before. The industry constantly changing: Job opportunities increase with evolving industry, stale businesses or entrepreneurships will never create any jobs. As latest technological discoveries, apps, networks pop up every now and then, market adapts to the new practices and revelations. Industry is always on toes to be informed what is happening around the world. There are differe…

Why PPC is Important for Advertising your Business:

In the age of digital advertising, PPC is really worth investing, as it garners more conversions on the result page—much to the convenience of a business. The market is fiercely competitive; people in businesses are all set to go extra miles to be felt in the market. To smoothen their efforts, PPC is one undisputed online marketing tool. Over the years, PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising model has evolved offering more scopes to the brands, businesses, entrepreneurs to extend their reach to more consumers. Hence, PPC is one of the most effective and productive tools to market your business online, recommend business experts and marketing gurus.
PPC, a productive and result-oriented tool: If you are new to PPC, don’t frown as it is quite simple and result-bound marketing channel with no such complexities. In PPC advertising campaign, you pay the search engine or Google to list your ad at the top of the page. Now when someone clicks on your ad, you have to pay from your budget. More clicks,…

TransinfoSolutions: Start and Grow with us.

Starting a business followed by its growing and surviving is not a cakewalk. But does this mean you will not aspire to be an entrepreneur, NO! Transinfo Solutions, a technology-enabled, design-led digital advertising enterprise, understands first-hand that the road to the business success takes calculated strategy and rock-solid planning. We are everything you would expect from a digital marketing enterprise: flexible, responsive, consistent and of course, QUALITY. We deliver reach and scale for brands; recipe of our success that we cherish with utmost humility and care. But the road has not been easy for us either. How we have made it:
With clear vision we thrive: ‘Taking on every challenge, understanding every dynamic of changing market, then working on procedures to deliver the best results keeping quality and consistency intact is our mission and vision’, asserts the Chairman and founder of Transinfo Solutions, Mr Rajev Taparia. With this clear vision we create everything from scal…

Social Media Branding Advice from the Pros:

Yes, as anticipated, social media has taken the world by storm, today our obsession with digital world is nothing but an understatement. It’s a phenomenon that gets better and bigger with latest inventions every now and then. The world wide social media evolution has brought the entire world at your finger tips; interactions are easier, dispersing information is simpler, and doing business is less complicated than ever.
The current generations and generations to come grow in the age of online interactions and friendships that has exploded into the world of digital communication. Borders, languages, boundaries are no longer a barrier; people from all walks of life can come to your living room and chat. And this has also boosted the ‘ease of doing business’. Today one will trust his facebook friend about a brand quality than its official website. The brand reaches out to more audience by constant engaging, sharing and posting on social media; facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, instagram and m…

Reach Target Audience with Google AdWords:

Online marketing strategies are changing rapidly, and if there is one platform creating the change, it’s Google AdWords. To generate traffic and conversion successfully for an online business, Google AdWords is arguably the best Search Engine Optimization. Simple yet effective, Google AdWords reaches to the target audiences by advertising products or brands in most fruitful way. Also being flexible and adjustable mechanism, Google AdWords is a customizable tool to suite your business needs. Albeit, investing money on Google AdWords may seem little challenging to some, the effects are remarkably result-oriented and productive. Now let’s look at how Google AdWords benefits your business venture.
Google AdWords, Faster and Smarter: A well optimized Google Search Engine works faster to achieve leads, sales and, thereby conversions for a business. AdWords increases visibility and accessibility for a business campaign bringing the ad right on the top of the page. To search for a specific it…

How to Boost Online New Year Sale:

New Year celebration has something special for everyone; kids especially those with firm beliefs in magic await their precious gifts from Santa, others hop from one shop to another with their parents busy with shopping for decorative items for the grand celebrations, while their parents hope to prosper during the auspicious time. New Year also brings top business prospects as this time around people get ready to shell out. As the city is already buzzing with New Year celebrations, traders, startups, entrepreneurs are on their toes to make most of it.
With festive season catching up fast, how should you add some dazzle to your business making the shopping experiences exciting and thereby, increasing sales. Now the cardinal question is that how can one be different in the market? And the answer is by being ‘CREATIVE’. There are several ways to be distinct and creative to lure prospective consumers. Here is a list of what different you can do to revitalize online New Year sales this time: