How to Boost Online New Year Sale:

New Year celebration has something special for everyone; kids especially those with firm beliefs in magic await their precious gifts from Santa, others hop from one shop to another with their parents busy with shopping for decorative items for the grand celebrations, while their parents hope to prosper during the auspicious time. New Year also brings top business prospects as this time around people get ready to shell out. As the city is already buzzing with New Year celebrations, traders, startups, entrepreneurs are on their toes to make most of it.

With festive season catching up fast, how should you add some dazzle to your business making the shopping experiences exciting and thereby, increasing sales. Now the cardinal question is that how can one be different in the market? And the answer is by being ‘CREATIVE’. There are several ways to be distinct and creative to lure prospective consumers. Here is a list of what different you can do to revitalize online New Year sales this time:
Create a New Year themed landing page: Your landing page is the first page which greets the visitors. So make sure your landing page is catchy, informative, appealing. Give all the information regarding offers, discounts clearly. Also make navigation simple, complicated navigations will rather confuse visitors. Keep in mind that website architectural organization is the main sales tool.

Pop up your page with exciting offers: One idea to make your page as exciting as the celebration is to announce discounts, special offers on the landing page. This will surely catch visitors’ attention and tempt them to buy products. Also you can arrange for special competitions, or offers for kids, holidays, exciting prizes, gifts, packages etc.

Optimize your PPC campaign: Research have approved that almost 50% ecommerce sales are driven by Search advertising. Don’t go with one strategy when it comes to reaching out to target audience. Before campaigning, do proper research on data and statistics for gaining maximum returns. Use more leads, conversion tracking ad tools, use tools to track down best keywords for selling products during New Year.

Be more active on social media: While freshening up your website with more engaging, unique and relevant content, you should be more active on social media too. Today facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, instagram, youtube and many more are easy yet effective tools to send out relevant messages to people. With that, liven up contents by uploading images and videos with them. Regular update your social media accounts to cheer up the whole campaign. Also mention most likes, subscribers, or a friend to give it an emotional touch.

Make your contents more appealing: The market gets way more aggressive during any celebrations, hence, be more creative with your contents. The key question this time around is ‘How can we get more shoppers online?’ Your unique, informative, pungent and refreshing contents can be the reason of more clicks on your site. Tell celebration stories of a friend or a subscriber, ask people to upload their celebration videos- give it some personal approach. Boost the sales engagement with festive New Year offers, giveaways, discounts, coupons; also you can encourage customers to share videos, articles, photos, videos etc.
Make this New Year celebration extra special with creative giveaways and exciting offers.

Stay tuned with us to take your business to the next orbit.

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