Social Media Branding Advice from the Pros:

Yes, as anticipated, social media has taken the world by storm, today our obsession with digital world is nothing but an understatement. It’s a phenomenon that gets better and bigger with latest inventions every now and then. The world wide social media evolution has brought the entire world at your finger tips; interactions are easier, dispersing information is simpler, and doing business is less complicated than ever.

The current generations and generations to come grow in the age of online interactions and friendships that has exploded into the world of digital communication. Borders, languages, boundaries are no longer a barrier; people from all walks of life can come to your living room and chat. And this has also boosted the ‘ease of doing business’. Today one will trust his facebook friend about a brand quality than its official website. The brand reaches out to more audience by constant engaging, sharing and posting on social media; facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, instagram and more. Business is more of fun on social media marketing. Here are some quality tips from pros how to boost your business using social media:

Quality is the key: With quality products, you must have the quality content and promotional activities based on facts and pointed information. Thus, contents will be retweeted and re-shared. Surprise always works superbly well on social media. Hence surprise your followers with trendy contents that will last for a longer period of time. A terrible post with incorrect contents and irrelevant information will never develop any interactions online. Build your brand by posting solid contents and see the results.

Take advantage of existing customers: Clients and their feedback are always good for any business to thrive. Business can run successfully depending on the goodwill between a brand and its customers. Response to a client’s query and then a ‘like’ or even a smiley emoji is enough to send out the message that the brand really cares. This constant interaction between the brand and its clients is priceless!

Act like a popular brand: If you are popular among your clients, show it online. Promote new products like a movie trailer release. Update your brand with gimmicky giveaways, fun games, social awareness activities; you can also upload video promos, photos on social media.

Focus on social media analytics: You are posting and posting, but what about the data that how many people view your posts. Your next step regarding brand boosting must be on thorough research on social media analytics. See the data on your social media platforms, and you will realize what works best for your brand.

Be real: People always respond to a real experience, real heart-felt stories, real feedbacks. According to Convince and Convert, posts with images receive 150% retweet. Images on facebook, twitter, instagram get more feedback without a doubt. To double your digital marketing and client service success, put more real images online.

Think out of the box: What makes your posts different from that of others, well its your wacky, out of the box ideas which click instantly. Contents must be new, fresh, and innovative.
Social media marketing is the round-the-clock work. Keep a constant vigilant eye on social media updates—a key to successful branding.

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