Why Choose a Career in Digital Marketing?:

With constantly evolving landscape and new inventions on the technological ground, Digital Marketing is clearly to stay and grow. The Internet penetration in all sectors of the society has opened even the most adamant doors for vast accessibility and reachability. People with their advanced handsets can bring the whole world into their palms within few seconds, literally! Advertising has been going through a drastic paradigm shift from print to digital with more businesses embracing and engaging with digital marketing. Hence, the scope to build a rewarding career in digital marketing is now way higher than before.
The industry constantly changing: Job opportunities increase with evolving industry, stale businesses or entrepreneurships will never create any jobs. As latest technological discoveries, apps, networks pop up every now and then, market adapts to the new practices and revelations. Industry is always on toes to be informed what is happening around the world. There are different tools and aspects to the digital industry such as SEM, SEO, Email marketing, content marketing, advertising, inbound marketing, mobile marketing and what not. You can choose one particular sector to work on; options are plenty.
Laying the foundation to become an entrepreneur: Small businesses, startups, trade, entrepreneurs choose digital advertising to grow and expand their business interests. Digital marketing offers cost-effective and fulfilling ways to flourish, unlike other obsolete advertising media. While working in digital marketing you can also become an entrepreneur yourself cashing in on various aspects of digital industry. You can successfully make jobs for others.
Now the salary prospects: Though it varies from company to company, from job profile to job profile, but working in digital industry is equally satisfying and fulfilling. Being one of the most fast-paced industries, digital marketing offers good salary prospects, depending on job profiles. An experienced digital marketer may earn from Rs 50000-70000 or more. Various roles in digital marketing can be paid from Rs 40000-80000 based on experience and skills.
Rejuvenating and refreshing: Your work in digital advertising can be little monotonous at times, but as the industry is constantly thriving with new prospects; it’s equally refreshing and exhilarating. Whether designing or writing, digital industry offers much better scope. Working on new aspects can be challenging for a while, but if you embrace the challenge it will be nothing but stimulating.
Enough space for creativity: If you are a content writer then being creative, funny and different is good for the industry. You can explore things which have been untouched. The vast technological ground and accessibility give you extra space to be on your own.
People from various backgrounds work together: People with different skills such as PR, designers, marketers, analysts, sales executives etc work under one roof. Whatever skills you possess; technical, analytical, creative, there is a place for everyone.
No specific educational background: Before starting a career one ponders over the qualification, certain degrees or diploma. But this is perhaps one of the few professions where your passion to explore matters not your qualifications. No more investing huge cash in pursuing a course. If you are passionate to work hard and take challenges, you are fit for working in Digiworld.
Now there you are, digital marketing offers opportunities galore, give it a shot and explore the most dynamic, progressive and evolving industry.
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