Digital Marketing: Dos and Don’ts

In the last few years, marketing or advertising has seen a brutal shift from traditional TV and print to Digital. With biggies in business, commerce, industries taking the giant leap to digital advertising, the small entrepreneurs, start ups are opting for digital as it’s smarter, better, cheaper and more effective. In our last few blog posts we have discussed thoroughly how and why digital marketing is near to perfection for business to grow and survive in the ever-changing market. But then digital marketing too has its own limits; before jumping the gun, one needs to follow certain dos and don’ts to promote the business:
Make a solid marketing plan: A vague idea will lead you nowhere. Before getting into digital business market, do meticulous research on market; its needs and demands, then your business interests; the research should cover all the aspects that touch upon your brand or business. Have a thorough idea where you are getting your business or entrepreneurial interests into. With that it’s equally important to formulate proper online marketing plans; get an in-depth idea about how to generate conversions, leads, sales and above all, how to get hold of the target customers.
Get listed on other online platforms: You may have individual profiles on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, zomato, tripadviser, FourSquare and many more but that’s not enough. Use tools to manage local listings, getting listed on other websites will add more credibility to your brand and services.
Prioritize customer privacy: ‘Man is a social being’; the connection between you and your customers can be stretched to a solid bond. The customer is beyond just profit. Respect and value the privacy of your consumers. Don’t share the mailing list of customers and other important data with any third party. Remember, long relation between you and your customers depends on how you treat and deal with your customers and their requirements.
Update your content regularly: Creating and managing content on regular basis proves crucial for your business growth. Blogs are very much in vogue locally and globally. Regulating contents boosts SEO optimizations along with perks in digital advertising is a productive procedure. Make sure you pay relevant attention to all segments of content management; website contents, blog posts on social media, infographic contents, videos, e-mail marketing and so on.
Make use of analytics: Analytics are equally important. With Google Analytics there are other tools to analyse how each of your post is doing online. Thus you can measure the returns of each and every portion of your business investments; this will help you set goals for the future.
Competition is never stale; it’s constantly going up the ladder. Everyone in the business market is hurdling with each other, hence, make the best use of resources available to you, learn how to opt for options that are open rather than options which are rigid. Try to look at the brighter side of situations, turn a problem into opportunity. Make smart choices, smart moves, don’t get upset if something doesn’t work as of now, you will learn the hard way FOR SURE.


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