Digital Marketing, Now More Creative and Unique:

“Creative without strategy is called ‘art’. Creative with strategy is called ‘advertising’.”-Jef I. Richards.

There is no doubt that consumers or marketers lose their interest the moment they see a sort of repetition in a concept of a digital marketing creative. They swiftly shift to others; consumers surface through channels, screens, various devices looking for something refreshing, informative, engaging and of course fun.
One important thing is to be kept in mind that customers or marketers put all efforts to their best of ability to attract target audience within short period of time. Hence, as a marketer the biggest challenge is to resonate, make an impact, and give consumers exactly what they are looking for. To be creative is not an arduous task, one needs to do little research on tools and techniques where to use them best:

Make it responsive: Over the years, responsive style has peaked at a speedy record. Responsive design makes the design respond to specifications of the device it has been viewed on.  Naturally this can grab more eyeballs. Marketers prefer responsive designs to capture more on-the-go users.

Design according to the context: Now all consumers expect crisp content, innovative mobile friendly execution. Hence, content must be brand-specific; all the relevant details and information must revolve around the business, product or brand. Apart, different users’ needs can differ from desktop to mobile usage. A website coverage details on desktop is mostly viewed, whereas contact details on mobile set.

Use concise and precise content: Content should be articulate and sharp, there are different tools or blog sites to bring the content into focus. Nobody is ever interested in dull, bland content; whereas content with distinct punch will always stand out. At the same time make sure that these contents have updated information; something contemporary and immediate.

Update your website: Regular upgradation of your website pages will make visitors more glued to your brand. The colour combo, texture, volume of the website should be right proportionate. With that, add some info such as festival bonanza, discounts, special offers, unique product details etc. You can also mention clients’ feedback to give it little bump.

Add a call to action: You are giving important info, but what is next? Consumers must have clear idea how to proceed after spotting their desired product. Hence, make sure your message has a direct follow-up to instruct how consumers can attain.
Little bit research and knowledge how to create a distinct identity for a product or brand in the competitive business market is all it needs. Get the best tools and designs to market your business interest to make it more effective and result-bound.


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