The Importance of Email Marketing:

Let’s put it this way; email marketing is a powerful and effective way to connect with target audience. As we go by latest surveys, around 36% of people worldwide use email. And the number is ferociously increasing day after day with the growing business interests. Also email marketing is a personal way of reaching out to your friends, relatives, apart from your audience; this also expands your brand accessibility and reachability even more. You can cover relevant topics such as regular upgradation of your company or business, special offers, achievements, feedback etc. Having a strong, well updated email marketing will create sales, leads and conversions at an affordable rate.

Here are some effective ways to regulate an email ID to boost your business:

Reach consumers instantly: According to data, 55% of all emails are opened on mobile devices; people keep checking their emails frequently in their workplace, office commutes, at grocery store, waiting room, everywhere. More and more people are using mobile devices to access more media and important information.
Receive results straightway: It’s even easier to do something with email-forward, reply, sign-up, click-through, or even buying. You can use it to direct to your business website eventually leading to conversions. For growth and survival of your small business or start-up strategies, email is quick and effective to get the job done.
Cheaper, smarter and better: Email marketing is result-oriented at affordable price. You can reach to a large amount of consumers with email advertising at a rate of almost nothing. For small entrepreneurs the budget is always tight, so email marketing is an excellent idea, no doubt. Traditional advertising efforts are costly and not at all swift when it comes to results. Whereas with email marketing, you can be more benefitted with follow-up information. Also with cost benefit increase, ROI gets boosted too, simply a win-win situation!
Strengthening brand awareness: If there is one thing to improve your brand awareness apart from social media, it’s email marketing. When you possess a consumers’ email address it shows a level of interest, now you can increase that interest; BRANDING. While selling a product, you must promote activeness or awareness to your audience, which doesn’t happen quite often. Astute brand awareness will build a certain amount of trust and increase a sense of responsibility. Warning: but this doesn’t mean will send 4-5 emails everyday, much to disgust of your customers!
Easily measurable: With regular email marketing update, you can figure out who have opened your email, which links have been clicked, how many people have subscribed etc. You can easily get an idea how your email campaign is running, make relevant adjustments and uplift effectiveness.

So, now stop scratching your head, start with simple steps; assess how email marketing is most effective for your small business strategy, get the list of people who are interested in your business update, write a sharp crisp email message which is friendly and informative and click SEND!


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