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Let’s admit, it affects your health, destroys your relations, damages your social life, and of course wastes your money. The euphoria inhaled with rapturous jubilation is nothing but a SLOW DEATH. With every kiss to the deadly smoke-emitting killer agent, you are drawn to an end, that too, a painful one..!! There is enough data pertaining to its deadly effects, so why not just act on it!! A difficult task, yet possible. There is a first time for everything, Say no to Tobacco, NOW!!

Moving towards B2C Digital Marketing:

B2C, Business to Customers digital marketing refers to business strategies and practices to promote products and services among consumers. Here the business conversion is mostly for personal interests. Based on consumers’ emotional approach, B2C digital promotions run a business campaign. Going by the experts’ opinion, B2C digital marketing strategy boosts the business further, as it focuses in building reputation, demonstrating credibility and strengthening foundation for the brand or the business, catching people at the right place, at the right time. At the onset of 2018, B2C is slowly bringing the market under its fold, keeping the potential of in-bound marketing intact; which is the right approach to the target leading to faster conversions. In B2C marketing, converting prospects takes place at any time; consumers don’t necessarily make their purchases at the business hours. Moreover, unlike B2B business where prospects are desktop PC oriented, B2C marketing can easily be conduct…

3 Ways to Know your Digital Marketing Competitors:

Needless to say that the business market is continuously throbbing with cut-throat competition. Reaching the top and sustaining that position is nothing but quite wobbly; adapt go-to business strategy to strengthen consumer understanding while providing them with solid content and digging deeper on strategic level to offer custom-growth stacks to each client. Hence, minute research about the market, target audience, product quality enhancement is half the job done, you must keep a sharp hawk eye on your competitors. If you haven’t yet started analysing your competitors, here are some advices to get the solid insight into your competitors’ psyche and strategies. Make use of competition research tool-kits: There are numerous tools through which you can get the clear idea where you are standing, compared to your rivals. These tools measure your competition’s site, content, and analyze them in terms of data collection pertaining to paid search results. Also they will research on your comp…

Value Life to Overcome DEPRESSION:

Depression, a term closely associated with our present-day, technology-driven exceptionally busy life, riddled with sky-high expectations. Often news headlines are hit with reports of celebs gripped by depression. But what is Depression? In simple terms, Depression is excessive sadness, low motivation, loss of interest in everything, literally. The acute sadness leading to severe depressive condition can be result of loss of someone dear, continuous failure, prolonged illness, stress, loneliness, major life changes etc. Depression, undetected or neglected for a longer period of time, can lead to severe mental or behavioral disorder. The key feature of depression is inaction. Take serious note of a person always sad or demoralized, beforehand. To cope with depression, take things easy, start with baby steps, do meditate, take care of your health, try to talk to a friend or a family member, indulge in things that you are passionate about, reward yourself for your efforts, stay positive.…

Orange and Blue: Colours that Drive us Forward

Logo is synonymous with the brand; that’s what TransinfoSolutions, the leading IT-enabled digital marketing enterprise, strongly believes in. A brand logo is the graphic symbol with impactful visual effect and aesthetic impression. It is the prime brand identity in which the business or the brand traits are potently summed up; what the brand is all about. Also, colours play a major role in our lives; it stands for who we are. At the same time colours play with our psychology; it impacts our mood, spirit, emotions. Bright beaming colours make us feel spirited and energetic whereas sombre dull colours will be monotonous and bland. Hence, choosing a brand colour while designing the logo is crucial for any business as it plays major role not only to tell the brand story but also draw attention. TransinfoSolutions logo colours are orange and blue; two most impactful colours of colour palette. But why Orange and Blue?.. Orange, to strive for innovation: Orange is the colour of energy and crea…

Food for Thought:

Have you ever wondered what is the most searched item on social media, it’s FOOD! Clearly food is not what it used to be once; just a sole purpose of eating. Now people spend hours on their social media platforms to tart up your stir-fry to make it look like a perfect art installation. Truly, our most essential to survive, Food has come a long way..!!

The Ultimate Guardian:

Once again, again and again, we go back to the great visionary whose innovative approach touches upon every aspect of LIFE. Gurudev, who was much ahead of his time, gives us right direction on patriotism, motivation, work-life balance, value of time, importance of nature, power of faith, even positive outlook to death. An enlightened ocean of unyielding knowledge and inexorable wisdom, Viswakavi is even more relevant in today’s time; hope prevails as he once wrote:
“Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark.”

5 Ways to Grow your Client List in Digital Marketing:

Done with market research, product details, digital advertising tools, now, the vital question; where to find clients or how to win over more clients? Though, building a strong clientele is not so easy task; with delivering absolute QUALITY, trust and reliability between consumers and service providers play crucial for any business success. We have seen clients of decades will never change their preferences for certain product or brand despite other goodies available in the market. Yes, in business there will be some unavoidable circumstances where you may lose some loyal clients too. But with some dos and don’ts you will be successful in retaining old clients and also gaining new clients:
Reference, the crux of strong clientele: No matter how speedily online marketing is spreading all over; we still prioritize communication through word of mouth. There are clients who would love to assist you to fulfil your business dreams. Also your cordial exchange with your clients will take them i…

Be aware of ‘Text Claw’!

As our elders say, too much of anything is always bad. Do you spend too much time texting or scrolling? Is your child gaming on your smart phone all the time? WARNING!! Reports from medical experts across the globe, over mobile phones indiscriminate usage are quite worrying. With overly texting, typing, browsing and scrolling, users may develop TEXT CLAW, a non-medical term to describe sore muscles and finger cramping resulting in aching, wrist pain, numbness, loss of strength. In severe Text Claw cases, patients sometimes can’t even perform the smallest tasks, the day-to-day ones. Hence, mobile phone users, children included, need to be little cautious, that whether the constant handset companion is not harming their health, sending a message should not hurt!!