4 Social Media Myths DEBUNKED:

Social media is powerhouse in building communication and marketing; ever since its birth, the whole world has literally shrunk into a small space. With strategic and well-planned manoeuvre; regular update, unique crisp content, engaging communities; social media can work like miracle for businesses, brands, entrepreneurs. 

Consistency and well-organized planning is something that brings success. Unrealistic, overly expectations will result in poor outcome. Hence, businesses need to do their research based on concrete data, statistics and expert reports. Over the years, what has been seen is that much of wrong beliefs about social media has caused brands and businesses hefty prize. So, some common myths about the communication marvel need to be exposed:

Social media promotion is independent: This is so wrong!! If you keep your social media marketing separate from the brand strategy, your marketing will lose consistency. The overall marketing will lose the momentum, keep social media contents well aligned with brand objectives. With meaningful and informative contents, you can create a solid impact, or surprise your followers with special offers and see how effective the results are!!

More followers, more success: One of the biggest myths is that ‘I am successful as I have a huge number of followers.’ NO. Many brands and businesses judge their success on the basis of the number of their followers, fans, connections. Well having a large number of followers on social media doesn’t really connect to the success of the social media strategy. Business with a small community and engaging to its loyal guides can be superbly successful. Providing value quality services and solid engaging is what it needs to be successful.

Presence on all social media platforms: Many brands believe that they need to be all social media platforms for more visibility. Well it’s not true, the reason is 1. Wastage of time. You will be wasting your time if your loyal followers are not following you on all platforms. 2. You should only use platforms that can be managed effectively. Social media’s strength is to connect with prospective conversions in most effective way. Why will you waste your time, resources and energy on platforms where conversion is not taking place at all?

Pitching product or services on social media: Lot of businesses or brands keep pitching their products or services on their social media avenues with the expectations that this will boost their services, well, not always! Try to build a relation with your consumers on the basis of you care, value and understand them. Educate them, so that they can trust you. Don’t call out to them for profit only; it will be totally dull business strategy.

Concluding: Plan strategies, goals, objectives while expecting realistic results. Communication in business needs the personal touch which, often ignored; not effective for the long-term business success. Hence, give social media marketing a personal touch to make it more result-oriented.


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