How to Create User-friendly Digital Marketing Ads:

Ads are relevant only when they interest people. With traditional advertising campaigns, it was difficult to determine the target audience, hence a chunk of money used to go down drains. But digital marketing focuses only on target audience with razor-sharp technical tools, that’s why digital marketing ads are worth an investment. Digital advertising gives ample opportunity to the marketers to be present at the right place, in right time with relevant, catchy, crisp and informative contents. Now it’s rather easier, better and smarter to get on the right ad page in blink of an eye. Here is a guide how to create more unique, prompt, attention-worthy digital marketing ads:

Text Ads: As the name goes, text ads are the most compelling ads to draw people’s attention. With basic knowledge of word limits, keywords matches, research of subject, simple yet catchy language, and good distinctive text content is ready. These are descriptive in nature running on websites, search engines etc.

Banner Ads: There is no doubt that ads with visual elements are more appealing. Visual contents are easy to grab eye balls. Designers, copywriters, visual experts work on banner ads to make it more glamorous, interactive and attention-grabbing. An attractive banner needs high level of creative quotient, though nowadays there are multiple templates to make banners for brands and businesses. One needs to keep in mind that all these banners must be mobile friendly as well, as the handsets is the most popular medium to reach out to the consumers.

Video Ads: Like banner ads, another visual ads form, video ads are very much in demand, widely used on the various social media platforms. So far YouTube is the most popular platform where many brands run their video campaign. Apart from that businesses also run their campaigns on their respective social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. 

Above resources are the most effective media to reach to the targets, provided your ads are unique, different, fresh, and of course INFORMATIVE.


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