Yoga: A Way of Living

Why yoga? The ancient form of attaining physical health, inner peace and spiritual harmony, finds even more relevance at present day. Yoga means the union of mind, soul and body. It’s one single effective way to discipline your entire being, thereby, your health flourishes and mind remains calm. Today, ‘Fast and Furious’ is the new age phenomenon which is engulfing entire planet earth quite mercilessly; deadlines are what dominate our everyday life, fiercely contaminated by modern gadgets and gizmos. From a LKG kiddo to a life veteran, we are all running after something. But in this frantic horrendous race to be at the top, what is left behind, our HEALTH!! We are easily grappled by diseases and infections as our immune system is savagely damaged. Not only our body, our mind is now way more insecure, frustrated and depressed at times. Yoga, the century-old form of exercise, practiced by our sages and sadhus, boosts blood circulations, improves respiratory and vitality, increases muscles flexibility, reduces stress, helps in concentration, perfects postures and above all makes you happier. For the restoration of our life to a wholesome quality condition, we must do yoga—a way to healthiest PHYSICAL, MENTAL and SPIRITUAL life.  


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