Why not SPORTS? :

It’s a moment of glory, when Hima Das, the 18 year old sprinter from Assam, scripted history by becoming the first Indian to win gold at World Jr Athletics Championship. A rising star as the face of young Indian sports, Hima clinched the top spot in women’s 400m race in IAAF World Under-20 Athletics Championships, triggering wave of wild celebrations across the country. Time and again it’s being proven by our exceptionally gifted athletes that the flag of India can be proudly hoisted at the international sports arena, provided they are offered right platform with stellar infrastructure and fitting opportunities. But why only athletes, benefits of sports is a for all..

The moot question: Why we are struggling to produce world class athletes even after so many decades. It’s our lifestyle, gone are the days when young boys and girls used to be active on fields, in any form of sports. We know how our fathers, uncles, older cousins used to play football, cricked, basket ball during their school and college days, women equally used to take part in outdoor or indoor games. A carrom board, ludo or chess board, a football, tennis rackets were easily spotted in every house hold. Among fav sports were choachui, kumir danga, hide and seek, gilli-danda, kho-kho, kabaddi, marbles, lattoo, hopscotch, many more, but our childhood revelry is on the verge of extinction now. 

The power to change life:  It’s rather painful how todays’ generations spend hours playing some video games or computer games which eventually lead to ADDICTION! Adults watch TV shows for long hours which are mentally and physically stagnating. Sport is the only mean to charge your mind and body with enthusiasm and exuberance. It boosts blood circulation, better bone density, builds muscle stronger, balances hormonal cycle, improves social skills; promotes overall health. The spontaneity, zeal, passion that one experiences while playing, fills the mind with positive energies; it gives you personality boost. Moreover, to get rid of all the negativity, insecurities, anxieties, stress, sport is simply unrivalled. All age groups must participate in some productive physical activities to be more confident, vivacious and energetic.

Seriously, playing a sport gives a life. So let’s play!


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