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5 Rules Every Email Marketing Manager Should Bookmark:

It is literally undeniable that how important email marketing is? Look the at ROI reports which says email is the best performing channel that guarantees much higher retention and conversion than social media. It’s simple that why email marketing has risen to an effective and economical digital marketing tool. But only a strong email marketing manager with the firm knowledge of various business dynamics and expertise to reach out to maximum potential customers, while gathering relevant data, building relations, increasing sales, can lead the company to a coveted position. In this post, I will take you through 6 areas which will turn a concept into conversion.
Blueprint: First thing first, make a blueprint of the whole marketing campaign. The email marketing manager first will lay the foundation of the campaign, identifying the details to suit the whole campaign, according to marketing, budget, creating various content plans and company objectives.
Successful deliverability: Many emails …

How to get Organic Website Traffic:

Organic Traffic means the kind of content put on your website will drive traffic tomorrow, next week, next month, next year and years to come. Building organic website traffic can be little challenging at times, but if you apply right method, SEO strategies objectively then you can improve organic website traffic, it is truly time and money investment worthy. Take a look at a complete guide to improve your organic traffic:
Create the best content for the website: Your website is the face of your brand or business. The reputation of your brand is chiefly depends on what kind of contents you put on your website. Sub-standard, less-informative, low contents will not generate any traffic, besides it will damage your brand character. Hence, contents besides being catchy, has to be informative, factual, and crisp. It must offer something different from the rest. Great quality contents rank better on Search Engines, which in turn receive more organic traffic. It is also the kind of contents t…